Nick Cousins

Professionalism, Career-Building and Continuous Improvement

Nick is the Managing Director of Relative, a software house based in Portadown that helps organisations deliver new digital products and digital transformation projects that use cloud-native and cross-platform mobile technology.

With over a decade of industry experience, Nick has a background in Software Engineering and Team Leadership and founded Relative in 2018 on the principles of The Agile Manifesto. Although he’s been writing code since the tender age of 13, Nick entered the industry without any formal qualification via hobby projects.

Because of his personal journey, he is particularly passionate about illuminating the non-traditional pathways into technology careers for those who haven’t had the opportunity or ability to get a degree, as well as honing the professional disciplines that make the difference between a competent coder and professional software engineer.

Nick will be contributing articles about professionalism, career-building and continuous improvement.